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1 to 10,000 employees
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Sage Micropay meets the payroll requirements for companies having anywhere from one to an unlimited number of employees. Simple to use, developed using 32 Bit technologies (which run on Microsoft XP and future software technologies), and fully Internet compatible, Sage Micropay provides businesses with powerful benefits:

Powerful Payroll Benefits

  • Accurate payroll, PAYE/PRSI, BIK (including rollover), Pension calculation and deductions
  • Grows to meet growing businesses’ requirements
  • Complete Payroll histories by employee
  • Advanced management reporting capabilities
  • ROS (Revenue On Line) capabilities allows easy upload of P35 data to to meet new Revenue requirements
  • Outstanding accuracy ensures that businesses pay only those PAYE and PRSI amounts that are due
  • Nett to Gross Pay work back
  • Excel Integrated Reporting
  • Process payroll from 1 to an infinite number of employees
  • Efficient Year-End and Month-End close out and reconciliation
  • Multi-User Functionality allows two or more payroll staff to work on the system simultaneously
  • Multi-company functionality
  • Easy to learn and use for increased payroll efficiency and productivity
  • Email secure payslips to employees
  • Electronic Funds Transfer to employee bank or credit union eliminates the need for payroll cheque runs, postage, envelopes, and similar overheads
  • Absentee reporting and Holiday accrual
  • Integration – Finance Services can integrate Sage Micropay with Sage Accounting and Management software solutions (or many other software systems) to instantly migrate payroll data to specific Nominal Accounts. This provides managers with quick access to real time overheads, and facilitates Job Costing capabilities, budgeting, or other operating, accounting, and budgeting requirements. Integration also minimises double entry requirements, thereby increasing accuracy.

For more information on Sage Micropay, contact us.

The most widely used Micropay product is ‘Micropay Professional’. Below outlines the features.
Touch base to discuss your specific requirement which will be around the number of employees, payroll users, number of companies and so on. We are here to help and have huge knowledge of the Micropay products.

Easy to get started.
Download instantly
Straightforward installation
Import your existing payroll data
Manage holiday entitlement for individual employees
Automatically calculate payments & deductions for different calculation types
Process weekly, two-weekly, four-weekly and monthly payroll
Print or email payslips to employees
Automatically calculate payments and deductions
Record and calculate holiday pay and entitlements
Electronically pay employees using e-banking
Easily calculate your PAYE, PRSI & USC liability
Post salary journals to Sage Accounts software
Record and calculate voluntary deductions such as pensions, travel and Cycle to Work schemes
Easy backup and restore of data
Roll back your data to correct errors from previous payroll runs
Apply access rights to restrict users from accessing certain areas of the program
Securely email payslips to employees which can be password protected per employee

Submit Revenue submissions online to ROS;

  • P45
  • P45 (Part 3)
  • P46
  • P30
  • P35

Easily generate payslips
Quickly print a range of reports in one batch
Save your favourite reports for quick & easy access
Run statutory reports such as P30, P45
Analyse data by cost centre and department
Create your own reports with the report designer

General Technical Requirements

10GB free disk
2GHz processor or higher
1Gbps network (minimum 100Mbps)

Operating Systems

All 32-bit and 64-bit variants of the below operating systems with the latest Microsoft Updates and Service Packs.
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008
Windows Small Business Server 2011