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Credit Control

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Credit Control

Our credit control division ensures payment is made and develops strong relationships with clients.  More so now than ever, it is important that you have a firm grip on your credit control (cash flow).  Many businesses view credit control as an inconvenience and therefore do not take it seriously. Businesses prefer to be on the telephone selling, or visiting customers, in fact anything except picking up the phone and asking their customers for payment!  Truly successful debt recovery is all about making sure you don’t endanger the working relationships you have with your clients and other associated businesses but also by embarking on regular consistent friendly contact to ensure you are top of the payment list.


Securing payment is probably the most important aspect of your business. Generating sales is futile, if you do not get paid for the goods/services you provide. Finance Services offer an outsourced, credit control solution to corporate and S.M.E’s.

Why choose Finance Services Credit Control?

  • Through a rigorous and consistent telephone campaign you will always be first in the queue when creditors are making payments.
  • Adopting the phrase “Persistence breaks down resistance” we will secure those old debts you have been unable to get paid.
  • Regular weekly payments will  improve your cash-flow
  • Payment of old invoices will reduce your bad debt
  • Regular professional communications will Improve customer relationships
  • Regular reporting will Improve management information
  • Finance Services has a proven track record in securing old debts and reducing debtors payment times considerably.

Our dedicated team provides an inclusive service which has a proven track record in managing your accounts receivable and securing payments

  • Be in Credit

Finance Services will secure payments by providing a consistent, tenacious credit management programme. This programme focuses on on-going communication (telephone, e-mail, and letter), to ensure all payments are secured within the agreed credit terms.


  • Be in Control

Finance Services will provide a seamless service as part of your company. You can be safe in the knowledge that we are providing a professional service with proven results – invoices paid, a reduction in debtors’ payment times and detailed reports provided weekly/monthly. This ensures you spend your time more effectively, saving time and money.