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Income Tax

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UK Payroll Training

Finance Services have a dedicated Irish based resource to help better your understanding of the U.K. Payroll System. Managing UK payroll calculations is quite different to the Irish Tax system and can be tricky. So why not avail of the expertise of our UK Payroll service. Jason will give you an onsite consultation and walk you through UK Payroll Processes, providing you with hands on assistance to set up the payroll and then the ongoing processing.


How the UK Tax and NIC system works

  • Understanding the key dates in the tax year,
  • Paying the Collector of Taxes,
  • Rates of tax and NICs,
  • Personal allowances,
  • Tax and NIC thresholds


Gross Pay

  • What gross pay is and what additions to pay there might be,
  • What deductions from pay are allowed before tax,
  • What elements of pay are treated differently for tax and NICs


Calculation of Tax

  • What a tax code is and how it is derived
  • The difference between a cumulative and non-cumulative basis (week1/month1)
  • How to use Pay Adjustment and Taxable Pay tables


Calculation of National Insurance

  • What is an NIC Table letter, how they are derived and their impact on the calculation of NI and pension arrangement
  • How to select and use the three main NICs tables to calculate NICs


New employees and Leavers

  • The importance and completion of forms P45, P46 and P38S in setting up new employees, what needs to be checked on the P45 and how to complete these forms
  • The forms that need to be completed



  • Step-by-step calculations of tax and NI with examples


Statutory Sick Pay

  • How to determine a Period of Incapacity for Work (PIW), how they link, how to fix Qualifying Days (QD) and which days are Waiting Days (WD)
  • Using the E14 Help Book and when and how to complete forms SSP1 and self- certificates, SSP2


Year End Training and Consultancy

Assistance in processing payroll year including reconciliation, printing / saving annual reports,

Submission of annual return, moving into new payroll year, applying updates


If you would like a helping hand with your UK Payroll, then book your training today. This on-site training covers up to 3 people and costs €795 for a full day which also includes training manuals. Travel outlay outside of Dublin is chargeable.


Please don’t hesitate to touch base with any queries or questions at 01-2573838.