Accountant and Financial Controller team available at a fraction of the ‘employed’ cost – on or off site

Credit Control

Credit Control packages from €50 per month or by % of collection – whichever your prefer


Doing paperwork on Saturday? tut tut! Let Finance Services look after you

Income Tax

Income Tax and Death.
2 certainties


1 to 10,000 employees
is our speciality

Technical Payroll Solutions

What if the worst happened? A fire, break-in, or emergency incident? Do you know how your company would survive? Would you be able to generate payroll during such an emergency period? Would you be able to re-assemble historic payroll records?

Disaster & Emergency Planning and Support from Finance Services provides a comprehensive payroll capability in the event that the unthinkable should occur. Our Disaster & Emergency Planning and Support capabilities include:

  • Ongoing Payroll Database Archiving & Back-Up – archive historic payroll data with us to be sure that this critical information is always at hand
  • Emergency Planning – develop a payroll emergency implementation plan with us. Feel confident that your staff will continue to be paid to agreed procedures should the worst happen
  • Disaster Support – should an emergency or disaster occur, Finance Services will implement the agreed Emergency Plan upon your instruction. We will keep accurate payroll records during this emergency period, and migrate that data back to your systems when your emergency has passed

Finance Services recognise that our clients rely on us at all times, but even more during a disaster or emergency. Trust Finance Services to be there when you need us the most.

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