Accountant and Financial Controller team available at a fraction of the ‘employed’ cost – on or off site

Credit Control

Credit Control packages from €50 per month or by % of collection – whichever your prefer


Doing paperwork on Saturday? tut tut! Let Finance Services look after you

Income Tax

Income Tax and Death.
2 certainties


1 to 10,000 employees
is our speciality

Absence Cover

Avoid the Horrors!

Do you dread those moments when your payroll manager mentions that he or she are expecting a baby and will be out for weeks – or more?  Or that they are finally taking that long-overdue holiday? Unfortunately, while these critical payroll staff members are away, your other employees will still be clamouring for their usual paycheques.

You can avoid the stress caused by impending Maternity or Holiday payroll staff absence with Finance Services Holiday & Maternity Payroll Cover.

During Holiday or Maternity absences, Finance Services can take over and manage all payroll activities: from paycheque runs to ROS filing; month-end and year-end reports, to PAYE/PRSI calculations; P45 and P60 processing to absentee tracking – Finance Services act as a member of your payroll staff, and you can stop worrying.

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