Accountant and Financial Controller team available at a fraction of the ‘employed’ cost – on or off site

Credit Control

Credit Control packages from €50 per month or by % of collection – whichever your prefer


Doing paperwork on Saturday? tut tut! Let Finance Services look after you

Income Tax

Income Tax and Death.
2 certainties


1 to 10,000 employees
is our speciality

Budgeting / Forecasts / Cashflow

We enjoy offering our budgeting service. Accounting records what is happening now in the business, plus of course it looks backwards. The budgeting service allows us to connect with our client and work on the planning and aspirations of the business. We then convert those aspirations into financial plans it is very rewarding. Even better when those plans are achieved we really enjoy reporting those figures comparing against last year and planning forward and breaking it down is a huge motivation tool – clients have the best of intentions but very often business gets in the way – so let us help you get focused. Know what product or service is selling, more importantly know what product or service is profitable and then plan to drive that aspect of your business.

Our costings are on an hourly basis working on or off site and we can provide a fixed quotation when we chat to establish the investment of time we require to provide the scant or in-depth financial budgets and forecasts.

Cashflow is an integral part of forecasting. We review capital expenditure plans versus sales planning to identify the capability of purchasing equipment. Alternatively, if selling product, we look at the sales plans versus product purchase and credit terms on both sides of the transactions.

Call us and we can give you a better insight into how we can tailor our service to fit with your organisation.