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Credit Control

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Income Tax

Income Tax and Death.
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Revenue Audit Preparation

To be notified that you have been chosen for a Revenue Audit can be very stressful. A revenue audit is not a routine activity therefore you may be at a loss on how to prepare best for it. Look no further.

Revenue Commissioners actively audit firms to verify taxpayers are compliant.

Our service delves into your bookkeeping and accounting records to verify you are compliant. We make preparations for the Revenue Auditor to ensure they have all the information they require in the format that will demonstrate an organised, competent and compliant company.

Where we identify errors, omissions or mistakes, we offer best advice on how to proceed. Disclosure to Revenue, calculation of taxes, possible penalties or interest can be costly.

Our experience with revenue audits is very successful. We work hard to minimise your risk and cost, we show Revenue the respect they deserve and ease the way so the audit is concluded swiftly with no outstanding queries.

Where liability is established, we have negotiated reduction of penalties and interest. We have also successfully implemented payment plans.

Whether you like it or not, you need to act if selected for a Revenue Audit, so touch base to allow us help you with this uncertain time.

Our costings are on an hourly basis and we can provide you with a fixed price quotation after a consultation to identify the complexity of your business and transactional volume, plus of course the timeframe before the commencement of the audit.