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Outsourced and / or joint processing

Many businesses – from small to large – outsource their payroll processes to Finance Services.   Finance Services works closely with these clients to plan, schedule, and implement accurate payroll processing.


The Process

Step One: Free Consultation

Finance Services visits prospective clients to develop recommendations to meet precise payroll requirements. This free consultation answers a variety of questions including: possible link with existing client payroll processes (including time and attendance systems); Revenue and accounting compliance issues (including Sarbanes Oxley compliance); defining staffing levels; defining management reporting requirements; review Year-End processes & requirements; payslip requirements; Electronic Fund Transfer requirements; Holiday/absentee tracking, accrual, and reporting requirements; systems integration if required; and similar.

Having defined client requirements, Finance Services forward a comprehensive proposal and budget for client review and signature.

Step Two: Payroll Set Up

Clients forward all employee-relevant payroll information to us. This may include designation of specific employees to be included on any payroll run; P45 (used to determine standard tax reliefs); employee-specific pension, BIK, or other accrual information or deductions; employee-specific pay periods; and similar.

Step Three: Implementation

Finance Services then implements the client-specific Payroll Bureau Service solution. Most Bureau Service solutions include:

Monthly (or pay period-specific) Service:

  • Ongoing Payroll Processing – per pay period
  • Preparation of Paypath Register and payment Electronic Funds Transfer consolidated file – this is sent to clients on a pay-period frequency, enabling our clients to expedite Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Print or Email despatch of payslips direct to employees
  • Preparation and processing of P45’s (in the event that an employee leaves the client company)
  • Monthly Payroll Reports including control summary, gross to net listing, P30 details (for PAYE/PRSI Revenue payments)

End of Year Processing

  • All annual P35 and P60 processing for each employee
  • Distribution of of annual P60’s by post to a client representative
  • Liaison with Revenue Auditors (when required)

Additional Bureau Services

  • Time Sheet and Attendance importing
  • Nominal Journal Reports
  • Journal files for other software systems (SAP, Oracle and others)
  • HR/Time & Attendance master file importation
  • Special/bespoke management report development and despatch

For more information on Payroll Bureau Services from Finance Services, contact us.