Accountant and Financial Controller team available at a fraction of the ‘employed’ cost – on or off site

Credit Control

Credit Control packages from €50 per month or by % of collection – whichever your prefer


Doing paperwork on Saturday? tut tut! Let Finance Services look after you

Income Tax

Income Tax and Death.
2 certainties


1 to 10,000 employees
is our speciality

Investor Returns

We are here to help and are passionate about offering the best customer experience in what can be a stressful and unknown entity. We don’t know anyone other than ourselves who enjoy tax return completion and hey we are good at it! Make a quick call or request a call back.

Is this what you want? – we want to help!

Be compliant
Know where you stand
Have no worry
Pay what is owed, no more and no less
File by 15th November for previous year
File before 15th November and if in a tax refund position enjoy that money earlier
File before 15th November – know what your liability is earlier and have time to accumulate funds to pay your tax bill

You need to file a tax return if you answer YES to any of these statements?

  • Own a rental property – whether residential or commercial
  • Own an investment property – whether in syndicate or not
  • Earned any investment income
  • Earned income which is not captured in PAYE system
  • A member of an employee share scheme
  • Received capital gains including inheritance