Accountant and Financial Controller team available at a fraction of the ‘employed’ cost – on or off site

Credit Control

Credit Control packages from €50 per month or by % of collection – whichever your prefer


Doing paperwork on Saturday? tut tut! Let Finance Services look after you

Income Tax

Income Tax and Death.
2 certainties


1 to 10,000 employees
is our speciality

1 – 5,000 payroll numbers

The Benefits of a cost Effective Payroll Management allows company managers to focus on their businesses, rather than on the intricacies of payroll management and deadlines.  Our vast knowledge of Revenue compliance and payroll issues helps to ensure that payroll is done on time, and to specific requirements.

Don’t bother buying payroll software if you only have a couple of people to pay! 

Finance Services develops and configures payroll solutions to meet exacting employer, employee, workflow, and back-office needs. We do so by undertaking a comprehensive analysis of clients’ businesses, then applying solutions to meet accounting and payroll requirements. Where required we will integrate payroll software with other software solutions (including SAP and similar) to help provide comprehensive management and accounting data and tools.

Finance Services extensive knowledge of payroll processes, procedures, and compliance requirements is always available to our many clients. We are also experts in the implementation of Micropay modules including:

  • Timesheet Import
  • Split Nett Pay
  • Additional Pay & Deduction elements
  • Interim Paypath
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger interface
  • Job Costing
  • Advanced Report Writer


With over 125 years accounting and payroll experience within the team, many clients depend on our knowledge and expertise to handle year end processes,  implementation of budget and new tax year information, correction of errors and development of work flow processes to ensure this critical area of business is covered.

Disaster and emergency cover also gives our clients peace of mind knowing that CBS and the Finance Services team can assist and guide during periods of uncertainty.

Payroll is a critical function in a labour intensive environment,  it is essential it is handled correctly on a consistent level.   The development of strong processes, robust procedures, and continual quality checking combined with exponential knowledge of the payroll package, the legislative requirements and the individual needs of the employees ensure that the organisation will fulfil its obligations correctly.   First Care is an environment where you experience high levels of staff turnover – you need to be sure that each employee is eligible to work in Ireland, that they are paid the correct hourly rates with the appropriate holiday and bank holiday entitlements.   When each care centre is open 24 hours a day – the cost of premium hours, shift allowances, paid breaks etc. can be crippling for the business – I believe CBS can provide the peace of mind, the dedicated and thorough approach through a partnership engagement.   We are open, honest and hardworking,  our relationships with clients are very strong – in short, we make a difference.